Our team of experienced drug developers and company builders partner with a new generation of passionate, business-minded scientists to foster each therapeutic program from discovery through clinical trials.

board members

Charles Homcy

Richard Scheller

Ali Satvat

James Momtazee

Neil Kumar


Adam Shaywitz

Agis Kydonieus

Ai Li

Alan Ji

Ali Satvat

Alix Alderman

Amy Liu

Amy Thompson

Ananth Sridhar

Andrea Orozco

Andreas Betz

Angelos Dovletoglou

Anjali Pandey

Anna Maciag

Anna Wade

Anthony Ikeme

April Yang

Asha Rajagopal

Ashley Cooper

Athiwat Hutchaleelaha

Baird Ruch

Becky Dabora

Ben Neel

Benjamin Collman

Brian Eater

Brian Metcalf

Brian Stephenson

Bruno Gagnon

Cameron Turtle

Carina Castilla

Carl Dambkowski

Carolina Brekke

Chao Cui

Charles Homcy

Christine Siu

Christopher Brown

Christopher Foo

Chuck Nomides

Chun Jiang

Clayton Beard

Corey Woolfolk

Craig Berman

Curtis Scribner

Dan Gretler

Dan Hoth

Daniel Genov

Daniel Mulreany

Daniela Rogoff

Danny Joh

David Hinds

David Martin

David Nader

David Rintell

David Scott

David Smith

David Turner

Dawn Hill

Dawn Toronto

Debra Jones

Dennis Adair

Donna Cabral-Lilly

Doris Davis

Dwight Nissley

Elizabeth Vadas

Eric Chen

Eric David

Eric Gomez

Ervin Epstein

Evangeline de Guzman

Franco Valle

Frank McCormick

Frank Rockhold

Fred Porter

Fred Reno

Gang Li

Gary Mansfield

Ge Wei

George Koshy

Gerd Kochendoerfer

Glenn Noronha

Hannah Shen

Hans Goldberg

Hao Chen

Hao Wang

Harris Soifer

Hector Rodriguez

Hernan Fuentes

Hiywot Takkele

Holly Condon

Holly Maxfield

Holly Prentice

Hoyoung Huh

Hua Deng

Isabella Graef

Jacki Fontaine

James Andrew Whitney

James Kanter

James Momtazee

Jean Tang

Jeanette Lisac



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