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BridgeBio exists to bring meaningful medicines to patients as quickly and as safely as possible. We’re passionate about fostering open and transparent relationships with patients and their families by staying connected, listening to their experiences, and applying their insights into our work. We hope that by developing these relationships with patients, families, and patient advocacy organizations early in the development phase of our therapies that we can also craft our clinical trial protocols with the patient experience at the forefront.

our promise

At BridgeBio, we believe it is a priority to lead with a ‘patients first’ mission and we strive to establish and build enduring and supportive relationships within the patient community. We are committed to approaching these relationships with honesty, integrity and transparency.

We respect the independence of patient organizations and the unique perspective of every advocate, patient, and family member.

We actively seek to include the perspective of patients, families and advocates in the drug development process by listening and learning from them.

our advocacy

Every day, our work is inspired by patients and their family members. Their partnership and collaboration are essential in understanding what meaningful change would look like and considering how BridgeBio can deliver medicines and services that fulfill the many unmet needs of patients. Learn more about our patient advocacy work by contacting [email protected].



We are advancing potential therapies for genetic conditions and cancers with genetic drivers. Want to learn more about these conditions or clinical trials?

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our commitment to patients

BridgeBio ultimately exists to help patients. We are committed to discover, create, test and deliver breakthrough medicines for genetic diseases to patients as quickly and safely as possible.

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