our mission

To find, develop, and deliver breakthrough medicines for genetic diseases to patients as quickly and safely as possible.

our approach

We create a bridge from remarkable advancements in genetic science to patients with unmet needs via the entrepreneurial engine required to make life-changing medicines as rapidly as possible.

championing great science

A confluence of breakthroughs in genome sequencing, molecular biology, and patient information databases and registries give us the opportunity to make therapeutic leaps against genetic disease. BridgeBio finds great science where the mechanism of a disease is well-understood and develops medicines that target those diseases at their source.

a new type of biotech company

We are working to create a bridge between promising genetic research and actual medicines with the people, platform, and processes needed to advance multiple individual therapies simultaneously. Our decentralized subsidiary model lets us distribute shared central resources while remaining hyper-focused on developing therapies for each disease.

built for speed + scale

Our model creates efficiency, rigor, and scale, empowering our teams to make objective, data-driven decisions quickly across multiple programs. In just three years, BridgeBio has more than 15 drug programs for 20 genetic diseases - which we believe reduces the traditional biopharma process by years.


our values

BridgeBio ultimately exists to help patients. Millions worldwide are afflicted with genetic diseases, but small patient populations and industry reluctance to conduct early-stage development means that for many, treatments have not been forthcoming. We are committed to bridging this gap: between business case and scientific possibility, between patient and hope. This starts with our first core value: put patients first.

think independently

Our goal is to not simply accept the ideas and opinions of others as fact, but instead to ask “why?” and “why not?” We endeavor to bring a rigorous, first-principles mindset to each problem that we take on.

be radically transparent

A commitment to independent thinking requires us to consider the ideas of others and to adopt them if they prove best. We strive to maintain a culture where any idea is worthy of both consideration and testing.

every minute counts

Our decentralized model strives to deliver treatments from discovery to patients as fast as humanly possible by utilizing focused teams of experts for each asset. Big decisions can be taken by people best-equipped to understand them, without wasting time on unnecessary cycles.

let science speak

Our model was designed to promote the rational assessment of our programs. Decisions about a program’s fate are driven by its performance against a set of objective criteria, giving each potential medicine’s scientific merits the last word.

BridgeBio is committed to developing leaders as well as drugs. We are looking for individuals whose passion for creating life-changing medicines will inspire hands-on engagement and the dogged pursuit of novel solutions in the face of adversity.

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