our model

Our unique decentralized corporate structure is designed to allow us to move as fast as humanly possible to target devastating genetic diseases and cancers at their source.

Our hub-and-spoke network of affiliate companies are hyper-focused on developing therapies for individual diseases. At the same time, we are building centralized commercial capabilities that prioritize efficiency, rigor and scale.

commercialized products

Focused execution is our top priority as we advance our pipeline of high-quality programs to help patients. We are dedicated to strategically developing and delivering transformative medicines to treat genetic diseases and cancers with unmet patient needs. As our programs progress through clinical trials and near potential commercial approval, we transition them to our central commercial operation and in some cases, collaborate with partners, so that potential breakthrough medicines can be delivered to patients as quickly as possible across the globe.

* BridgeBio has licensed these therapies to partners with the hope of reaching as many people with unmet need as possible.

affiliate companies

We believe that early research and development is best advanced by small, highly skilled teams of experts, which is why we established a growing network of affiliate companies focused on developing breakthrough therapies for patients suffering from genetic diseases and cancers.

early research

BridgeBioX is our cutting-edge early research discovery engine. In our dedicated lab at Stanford University, our team of leaders in genomic science are testing early scientific hypotheses in discovery research in the hope of targeting large, complex genetic diseases with high unmet need.