BridgeBio Pharma Launches Eidos Therapeutics to Develop Targeted Therapy for Fatal Heart Disease

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BridgeBio Pharma today announced the launch of Eidos Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing a novel small-molecule treatment for transthyretin (TTR) amyloidosis. BridgeBio has committed $27 million and seasoned R&D executives to advance Eidos’ lead compound, AG10.

“TTR amyloidosis is a progressive, fatal disease without an FDA-approved therapy. Patients and their families currently rely on supportive treatments that neither address the root cause of the condition nor alter its natural course,” said Jonathan Fox, M.D., Eidos’ president and chief medical officer. “We believe that a safe, effective treatment that halts disease progression is achievable, and that AG10 could fulfill that promise.”

TTR amyloidosis is caused by the accumulation of toxic TTR amyloid deposits in the heart and peripheral nerves. Mutations in the gene that encodes TTR are known to predispose people to the disease and possibly accelerate its progression, although TTR amyloidosis can occur in individuals without mutations as well.

It is estimated that up to 250,000 people worldwide suffer from the cardiac and neurological consequences of this disease. The prevalence of the disease is expected to increase with an aging population, and the development of potential new therapies is driving increased awareness that could lead to earlier diagnoses.

TTR amyloidosis is driven by the destabilization of TTR in the blood, and AG10 targets the disease at its source by stabilizing TTR and preventing toxic amyloid fibrils from forming. This precision medicine approach has the potential to bring a true disease-modifying therapy to patients. AG10 is expected to enter clinical trials in the second half of this year.

AG10 was discovered and initially developed by Eidos’ co-founders Isabella Graef, M.D. and Mamoun Alhamadsheh, Ph.D., through research funded by Stanford Medicine’s SPARK program. Eidos is now led by a veteran team of pharmaceutical and biotechnology executives who together have advanced more than 30 drug candidates into human trials, and have brought more than eight safe and effective drug products to market.

“Eidos is a prime example of the targeted innovation that BridgeBio aims to identify and support,” said Neil Kumar, Ph.D., interim CEO of Eidos and CEO of BridgeBio. “BridgeBio is providing Eidos with the resources and capabilities to efficiently shepherd AG10 through clinical development, translating years of scientific advancement into a therapy that could save thousands of lives.”

BridgeBio Pharma focuses on rapidly translating early-stage science into life-changing drugs for people with serious unmet medical needs. Utilizing partnerships and a lean business model, the company is working to bridge the gap between scientific breakthroughs and the patients who need them most.

About Eidos Therapeutics

Eidos Therapeutics, a subsidiary of BridgeBio Pharma, is developing AG10 as a targeted therapeutic for transthyretin amyloidosis. The company’s singular mission is to improve and prolong the lives of patients suffering from this disease.

Launched in 2016 after years of research supported by Stanford’s SPARK program, Eidos is led by a team of veteran biotechnology executives. Together with patients and physicians, the company aims to bring a safe, effective treatment to market as quickly as possible.

About BridgeBio Pharma

BridgeBio is a clinical-stage biotech company developing novel, genetically targeted therapies to improve the lives of patients. The BridgeBio approach combines a traditional focus on drug development with a unique corporate model, allowing rapid translation of early stage science into medicines that treat disease at its source.

Founded in 2015 by a team of industry veterans, the company has built a robust portfolio of eight transformative drugs ranging from pre-clinical to late stage development in multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiology, dermatology and rare disease.

The company’s focus on scientific excellence and rapid execution aims to translate today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s medicines.

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