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BridgeBio ultimately exists to help patients. Millions worldwide are afflicted with genetic diseases, but small patient populations and industry reluctance to conduct early-stage development means that for many, treatments have not been forthcoming. We are committed to bridging this gap: between the business case and scientific possibility, between patient and hope. 

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Who You Are

The Statistical Geneticist will Implement statistical analyses to better understand the relationship between genetic variants and human diseases. This individual will design and conduct innovative experiments to support or oppose mechanisms proposed by specific treatment. This individual will use a broad array of available datasets to interpret human genetic associations to disease and map genetic variants to target genes to validate drug targets and identify novel ones. Also, implement methods such as colocalization and mendelian randomization per functional omics data. This person will be expected to be the driver designing analyses and presenting results to a broad audience.


  • Support decision making for the Asset Acquisition Team, M&A Team, and subsidiaries of BridgeBio
  • Develop inventive approaches to mine novel insights from both Mendelian and complex human genetics, including (but not limited to the) expansion of indication, resolving mechanism of action, patient stratification, biomarker identification, and disease progression or response prediction
  • Identify and acquire other data assets and improve the accessibility of this information by building tools to query the data along with existing datasets interactively
  • Identify and obtain appropriate genetics datasets for analyses

Education, Experience & Skills Requirements

  • Familiar with GWAS datasets and transcriptomics (RNA-seq) datasets and analysis
  • Expertise in using Mendelian randomization methods to test and interpret causal relationships between gene expression and phenotypes
  • Expertise in colocalization methods to clarify relationships between eQTLs, QTLs, and disease phenotypes
  • Comfortable evaluating and critiquing analytical methods or building solutions as needed to answer scientific questions
  • Strong analytical background to understand and explain methods and assumptions to a broad audience
  • Be interested in learning about the challenges and methods of human population genetics
  • Familiar with essential bioinformatics and genetics tools (PLINK, hail, etc.) necessary for data manipulation and analysis
  • Familiar with using AWS, version control (git), and statistical programming languages (R, Python, etc.) The team
  • Affinity to give honest, continually updating estimates about the time needed for finishing work
  • Proactively learning about and respecting privacy and safety guidelines.
  • Jumping on the opportunity to describe, clarify, elaborate
  • Anticipating and welcoming questions
  • Motivated to write notes, documentation
  • Erring on the side of too much information, not too little
  • General interest in a wide range of topics and an enthusiastic listener
  • Identifying missing information and tacking down the necessary informational resources
  • Directly asking for clarification whenever in doubt

What We Offer

  • Patient Days, where we are fortunate enough to learn more about the lives we are looking to impact and a real exchange of ideas as to how we can improve our efforts
  • A culture inspired by our values: put patients first; think independently, be radically transparent; every minute counts, and let the science speak
  • Learning and development training to help employees be the best version of themselves
  • Collaborative business environment
  • Excellent compensation package (Base, Performance Bonus, Stock, RSU programs)
  • Excellent benefits package
  • Flexible PTO
  • With office locations in San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Raleigh, there are ample cross-collaboration opportunities with other BridgeBio Pharma programs
  • A fast-paced, data-driven, work environment with world-class R&D minds and capabilities
  • Work with the most productive groups of R&D operators in the industry
  • Partnerships with leading institutions
  • A platform for meaningful scientific contributions to shine
  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion – with initiatives like Women at Bridge, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every person feels respected for who they are, empowered to contribute, inspired to lead, and supported in their efforts to do so

Statistical Geneticist

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