Executive Assistant to COO

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BridgeBio Pharma, Inc.


Palo Alto, California

BridgeBio ultimately exists to help patients. Millions worldwide are afflicted with genetic diseases, but small patient populations and industry reluctance to conduct early-stage development means that for many, treatments have not been forthcoming. We are committed to bridging this gap: between business case and scientific possibility, between patient and hope. This starts with our first core value: put patients first.

Think independently – Our goal is to not simply accept the ideas and opinions of others as fact, but instead to ask “why?” and “why not?” We endeavor to bring a rigorous, first-principles mindset to each problem that we take on.

Be radically transparent – A commitment to independent thinking requires us to consider the ideas of others and to adopt them if they prove best. We strive to maintain a culture where any idea is worthy of both consideration and testing.

Do everything as fast as possible – Our decentralized model strives to deliver treatments from discovery to patients as fast as humanly possible by utilizing focused teams of experts for each asset. Big decisions can be taken by people best-equipped to understand them, without wasting time on unnecessary cycles.

Let science speak – Our model was designed to promote the rational assessment of our programs. Decisions about a program’s fate are driven by its performance against a set of objective criteria, giving each potential medicine’s scientific merits the last word.


  • Coordinate weekly, end-to-end travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco, in addition to travel between BridgeBio subsidiary locations.
  • Strategically manage the COO’s calendar with thoughtful attention to meeting context, adjusting his schedule as needed based on ever-changing priorities.
  • Proactively look ahead at COO’s schedule, action items and deliverables, and flag any urgent items.
  • Prepare meeting materials in advance and ensure COO’s meetings stay on time.
  • Communicate internally and externally with key stakeholders.
  • Process executive’s expenses.
  • Assist with ad hoc projects.


  • Diligent about following up on projects or tasks that need to be completed
  • Passionate about being a strategic partner and rolling up your sleeves to get the job done with COO and EA Team
  • High IQ and EQ
  • Attention to detail
  • Solid Executive Assistant duties
    • Strong calendaring
    • Setting up conference calls, dial-in, preparing meeting materials, etc.
  • Ability to multi-task and thrive in an unstructured environment with very little direction
  • Stimulated by putting processes together and innovating them as the needs of the company change
  • Someone who is down to earth and wants to have fun!

Executive Assistant to COO

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