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BridgeBio Palo Alto, California, United States Computational Genomics

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About BridgeBio

BridgeBio is a biopharmaceutical company founded to discover, create, test, and deliver transformative medicines to treat patients who suffer from genetic diseases and cancers with clear genetic drivers. We bridge the gap between remarkable advancements in genetic science in academic institutions and the delivery of meaningful medicines to patients. Founded in 2015, the company has built a portfolio of 20+ drug development programs ranging from preclinical to late-stage development in multiple therapeutic areas including genetic dermatology, precision oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, pulmonology, and renal disease, with two approved drugs.

Our focus on scientific excellence and rapid execution aim to translate today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s medicines. We have U.S. offices in San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Raleigh, with small satellites in other parts of the country. We also have international offices in Montreal, Canada, and Zurich, Switzerland, and are expanding across Europe.

Leveraging extensive inherited disease experience and an established drug development infrastructure, BridgeBio recently formed a discovery research group called BridgeBioX. The vision of BridgeBioX is to use cutting-edge biology to develop breakthrough medicines in genetic diseases with high unmet needs across multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, neurology, pulmonology, and cardiology. BridgeBioX has built out lab space on the Stanford Life Sciences campus to create a hybrid industry-academic environment where scientists from the top labs around the world can collaborate with senior BridgeBio leadership and advisors.

To learn more about our story and company culture, visit us at

Who You Are

We are seeking a full-time Computational Chemist who will work across the Computational Genetics team and the Early Discovery team at the intersection of experimental and computational target discovery. The successful candidate will play a leading role in developing the computational chemistry strategy of BridgeBio as well as conduct hands on analysis during diligence of potential drug programs against targets being proposed. He/she will have the opportunity to provide project leadership by driving strategies and experimental designs, and managing external resources for CADD and informatics.


  • Design and execute initial computational analyses to derive an initial opinion regarding a target based on the knowledge of structure-based drug design, ADMET predictions, SAR, off-target selectivity and physiochemical properties
  • Interact with both technical and non-technical collaborators, including biologists, physicians, geneticists, and business development & asset acquisition specialists, to evaluate new opportunities and derive analysis-based project decisions
  • Contribute to project teams across all stages of a program, including target selection, target validation, lead generation and lead optimization to enable delivery of novel drug candidates into clinical development
  • Stay current with state-of-the-art methods, which will require reading academic papers, reproducing algorithms and methods with or without open-source software and data, and provide recommendations on what should be built in-house vs work with CROs

No matter your role at BridgeBio, successful team members are:

  • Patient Champions, who put patients first and uphold strict ethical standards
  • Entrepreneurial Operators, who drive toward practical solutions and have an ownership mindset
  • Truth Seekers, who are detailed, rational, and humble problem solvers
  • Individuals Who Inspire Excellence in themselves and those around them
  • High-quality executors, who execute against goals and milestones with quality, precision, and speed

Education, Experience & Skills Requirements

  • Ph.D. in a computational chemistry or related discipline with multiple years of relevant experience in a biotech or pharma setting as part of medicinal chemistry programs
  • Have experience in drug development projects that have later advanced into the clinic, with direct involvement during the DC nomination process
  • Expert-level experience with a wide range of leading computational tools (e.g. Schrodinger, MOE, OpenEye, Molsoft) and approaches including both structure- and ligand-based techniques, ab initio methods, MD, FEP, homology modeling, docking, virtual screening, QSAR and QSPR predictions/model development with application across all stages of a project, from hit ID through to candidate nomination
  • Extensive experience with Python focusing on data analysis; hands-on experience in developing data processing pipelines and or developing stand-alone libraries is a plus; familiarity with AWS infrastructure including EC2, S3
  • Has direct experience or deep interest in the state-of-the-art AI applications with a deep understanding on where the advances can be applied practically in different company settings and drug discovery process
  • Understanding of deep learning methods for molecular representation learning, as well as for predictive and generative tasks in drug discovery; experience developing or applying these methods is a plus
  • The candidate should be driven, independent, experienced working in a cross-disciplinary team and thrive in a dynamic start-up environment
  • Demonstrated track record of accomplishments, publications and conference presentations in computational chemistry and drug discovery
  • Able to demonstrate great written and verbal communication skills in conveying analysis results to both experts and non-experts in the field
  • Experience working with multiple CROs across geographic locations is a plus

What We Offer

  • Patient Days, where we are fortunate to hear directly from individuals living with the conditions we are seeking to impact throughout the year and learn how we can improve our efforts
  • A culture inspired by our values: put patients first, think independently, be radically transparent, every minute counts, and let the science speak
  • An unyielding commitment to always putting patients first. Learn more about how we do this here
  • A de-centralized model that enables our program teams to focus on advancing science and helping patients. Our affiliate structure is designed to eliminate bureaucracy and put decision-making power in the hands of those closest to the science
  • A place where you own the vision – both for your program and your own career path
  • A collaborative, fast-paced, data-driven environment where we inspire ourselves and each other to always perform at the top of our game
  • Access to learning and development resources to help you get in the best professional shape of your life
  • Robust and market-competitive compensation & benefits package (Base, Performance Bonus, Equity, health, welfare & retirement programs)
  • Flexible PTO
  • Rapid career advancement for strong performers
  • Potential ability to work on multiple BridgeBio Pharma programs across multiple therapeutic areas over time 
  • Partnerships with leading institutions
  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
At BridgeBio, we strive to provide a market-competitive total rewards package, including base pay, an annual performance bonus, company equity, and generous health benefits. Below is the anticipated salary range for candidates for this role who will work in California. The final salary offered to a successful candidate will depend on several factors that may include but are not limited to the type and length of experience within the job, type, and length of experience within the industry, educational background, location of residence and performance during the interview process. BridgeBio is a multi-state employer, and this salary range may not reflect positions based in other states.
$220,000$280,000 USD


Director, Computational Chemistry

BridgeBio Palo Alto, California, United States Computational Genomics

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